PS3 Grand Theft Auto IV Bundle Now Available from are now taking pre-orders for the new Grand Theft Auto IV Playstation 3 bundle. They are charging £319.99 for the bundle and the release date is scheduled for 29th April.

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jwatt4774d ago

So it's Sony's Bundle vs M$ advertisement.

LightningPS34774d ago (Edited 4774d ago )

So far, I say Sony is loosing the GTA IV war. Microsoft is making some very good commercials advetising the game and then showing the 360 console and price.

How can some people not buy into that? Especially when the PS3 in Europe is a lot more expensive.

PirateThom4774d ago

Because Sony have opted for in store advertising.

I was in 2 GAME stores today, a retailer that has traditionally pushed 360s, and there was two posters in the front window advertising the PS3 bundle and an entire rack dedicated to the bundle.

Not only that, you have to pre-order, with a £20 deposit, to get one.

This bundle is being treated like a brand new console launch.

Meanwhile, 360 had standard "Coming Soon" display cases.

sonarus4774d ago

I'd be Shocked if sony didn't advertise that bundle. Considering it has been sort of hush hush so far an advert is probably still on its way

bumnut4774d ago

360 premium with gta4 £199.


chasuk084774d ago

its not an offical MS bundle, theyve just sold gta iv and xbox together

Feihc Retsam4774d ago

SO people won't buy it??? Because the console box doesn't have a picture of GTAIV on it?


For 120 less, I don't think anybody gives a sh*t if it's an "Official" bundle... I'll take the $120

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the-source4774d ago

get it separate for 310 at Argos.

ain't bundles supposed to be cheaper.

solar4774d ago

damn it...i wish gamestop took pre-orders for the MGS4 bundle in the states. lucky brits :P

the-source4774d ago (Edited 4774d ago )

America gets everything before us anyway... ah i wish i lived in America. this country sucks

PMR_214774d ago

be careful what you wish for.

Room 641-A 8 5neDDaM4774d ago (Edited 4774d ago )

you lived in America. America is a great country and still a beacon of hope and opportunity for millions in the world (just check the numbers waiting on the list in the Immigration office to get in; not to mention the people that risk their lives to sneak/swim/walk there). I love many countries around the world and try not to cast hatred on any one in particular. If you do a little traveling, you'll find that there are good people everywhere.

What I find so laughable is how many people attack the country that came to their aid years ago in their own country's darkest hour to help prevent them from living under complete tyranny.
Ahhh, just another reminder that hypocricy is only one tyrannical uprising away. I wonder who would come to the rescue then?.......hmmmmm >_>.

Attacking the government of America is fine (I'm no fan of the Bush administration), but to attack the common, peace loving American people is like attacking everyone in the world.
----------------------------- -

Anywho...On topic:

I like bundles. Sony really needs to pump this. I was in a large dept. store the other day and people were completely oblivious to the idea that this type of thing exists or would ever exist.

PopEmUp4774d ago

try wish Canada or Australia that a better country to live in btw Melbourne have been name as the most livable city in the world so which city is most livable in the world in America but I can think for Canada and that is Toronto

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The story is too old to be commented.