GameSpy previews The Lord of the Rings Online Book 13: Doom of the Last-king

A few lines in one of the appendices to J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. That's all the reference Turbine had when it came to the latest content addition for its Tolkien-themed MMO The Lord of the Rings Online. According to Tolkien's writings on the ancestors of the Dunedain (Aragorn's people), the "Snow-men of Forochel" are mentioned as aiding Arvedui, the last King of Arthedain, the kingdom whose fall doomed his people to become the more familiar wandering Rangers. GameSpy recently got a chance to wander the frozen lands of Forochel and sample a whole world of ice-themed content that LotRO players will get to sample in Book 13: Doom of the Last-king.

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