Rant: Is Nintendo Ignoring Super Mario Galaxy?

Super Mario Galaxy is one of Nintendo's best games ever, so why is it getting so little love in the offshoots like Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart Wii?

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wiizy3840d ago

people try to find anything to bring up against wii cause its simply killing the competition. mario galaxy has been out since november.. and has sold almost 4 million in the u.s alone , what else did you want nintendo to do for mario galaxy 6 months later.?

lodossrage3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

I think its the fact that mario galaxy seems like it was outclassed by smash brothers and mario kart.

In a way, it is strange. Because galaxy is the MAIN mario game whereas mario kart and smash bros are more like parody games since they incorporate other nintendo franchise characters.

But no, nintendo is NOT ignoring Galaxy. Rather, some of nintendo's games are becoming victim's of their own success. Galaxy shockingly is just one of the casualties of such.

But to be honest, this rant of an article is kinda pointless

Wii60PS3DSPSP3840d ago

So Nintendo is ignoring it because the Mario in Super Smash Brawl isn't like the Mario Galaxy one? Stupid pointless article... Nevermind that Galaxy sold a few million or so.

beethy3840d ago

I believe they didn't include any 'galaxy' content because:
A. They had no idea if the game would be a massive success or not.
B. Adding this content later down the development stages of Brawl and Mario Kart would only push the release date further back.

It makes sense.

KeiZka3839d ago

Rainbow Road in MKWii has certain "references" to Galaxy, and then there's Rosalina as well... Small things like that.

playmaker383840d ago

did you guys and whoever wrote the article forget that rosalina will be a character in mario kart wii

nutjuice3839d ago

The name MARIO is recognizable to non-gamers because it's been around since the early 80s. Smash Bros. on the other hand might not be known to the older girl who just picked up a Wii and never played games before