Petition to bring GTA V to PC thriving

A chat with Mickael Julliard, a Toronto man who started the petition to bring GTA V to the PC.

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steve30x1943d ago

No way. Why should it be released on PC because of PIR...... Oh waid didn't GTA V get pirated on consoles before its official release.

us_army1943d ago

Seriously N4G..... we do not need a story for every single time someone brings up the petition, not to mention every time it gains some more signatures...

It is what it is, leave it be. If it works then there is your story.

TedCruzsTaint1943d ago

Console players aren't pirates. They are better than that. That's purely the dirty PC gamers.

I am sure the fact that it being pirated for both systems over any other PC game or piece of media is just a coincidence.

steve30x1941d ago

It cant be pirated over both systems than a PC version when a PC version doesn't exist and yes both PS3 and Xbox 360 version was pirated days before it was officially released. It was being pirated on thursday on Xbox 360 and friday on the PS3. If you think piracy doesn't exist on consoles then you are naieve.

TedCruzsTaint1941d ago

I wasn't saying over a PC version of the game. I was just saying that despite "all the PC pirates" /s . . . there were console games dominating everything going on on Pirate Bay.

MestreRothN4G1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

The question is not on WHEN it is pirated, but HOW MUCH it is.

And things are very, very much more pirated on PC and you know that (if you can actually use your brain). Well, except for GTA V, that is very far from the pirates' home.

SirBradders1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Thats complete nonsense things are pirated more on pc. Everyone i know has a chipped xbox and gets every single game weeks before release and thats no bullshit the xbox is the worst platform for pirating here in london.

Everyone i know with a pc buys there games through steam the only games they probabaly pirate are modded versions of say gta san andreas where theres like 4000+ on one map only because you cant buy it anymore.

kingduqc1943d ago

Maybe if pc gamer had good ports, no drm integrated and not 8 months late to the party there would not be as much piracy.

Many people I know bought the console version while waiting to pirate the pc version day 1. Why? Because the game is much much better on pc but they have to wait X amounts of months to buy it. So it's eitehr they buy 2 copy of the game (no one does that) or buy on and pirate the other one later.

But hey, my bet is that is too deep for you to understand that. After all, you play on a console.

steve30x1941d ago

You are completely wrong about nobody buying two copies of a game. I own GTA IV on PC and PS3. I bought two copies of the game so that I could support rockstar.

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KONAAs1943d ago

the console gamer that pirated the game are actually PC gamers than have the councels, so its ur scumbagery that ruins gaming, ur aimbots, hacks etc etc

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Feralkitsune1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

These petitions are so weird to me. Why should we have to beg to have games ported? Also, Rockstar knows that there are PC players, it will come just like every other GTA game.

If there should be any petitions it should be for some of the Japanese companies that Actually do need convincing to bring their games to PC. Are there any FFXV petitions going around? That needs a petition more than a game like GTA V that obviously is coming to PC eventually.

calvincrack1943d ago

Now all rockstar needs to decide is whether they make it seem like the petition made a difference when they release it

TedCruzsTaint1943d ago

I was so worried about not getting The Division. /s


it always makes me laugh to see console fans getting so upset at the mention of GTAV on pc. Ill just never understand how a game coming to another platform hurts anyone in any way. what do you care whether or not it comes to PC? would that make you enjoy your copy of the game any less? i can understand that exclusive games between consoles can sometimes go down in quality once they go multiplat, but PC is literally the platform devs use to build you little console games. it doesnt take away anything from console versions of games.

my advice to anyone whos butthurt about the FACT that gtav will come to pc within a year or so is that you should just GROW UP and be happy that everyone can enjoy such a great game.

KONAAs1943d ago

"but PC is literally the platform devs use to build you little console games" "GROW UP"" funny u call them little console games yet ur gryign that u want it... take it GTAIV sux ass like 30% off ppl that buy it finish it the rest bet bored after 10 hrs with it


that makes no sense. I'm not saying the GTA ip is little.

KONAAs1942d ago

u said little console games, anyways its fucken borring

Lourenco1943d ago

is it agood game at all? guys who play this game should I buy it? whats different between gta v and iv?

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