Source shooter They Hunger: Lost Souls revealed

Much loved mod maker Black Widow Games has decided to turn the They Hunger trilogy, its series of PC undead adventures, into a fully-fledged, zombie-blasting boxed game known as They Hunger: Lost Souls. But it is yet to decide when it will rise, and how it will shamble into our homes.

Created as a budget blast and based on the same story as the Half-Life-based mods, the sequel will use Valve's Half-Life 2 Source engine to provide a whole new level of "graphics, physics and new gameplay possibilities". Or that is what designer Neil Manke claims.

He also admits that the team hasn't decided whether to aim for getting the game on to shelves or to go for digital distribution via the net, saying: "Right now we are still working out the pricing and distribution options but our goal is a low cost alternative so it can be available for just a fraction of [the cost of] other commercial games".

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