Watch Phil Harrison Xbox One presentation @Eurogamer_expo

Microsoft's Corporate Vice President, Phil Harrison, opens #EGX with an exclusive presentation on the firm's next generation console.

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JimmyLmao3349d ago

that was the worst live stream i have ever watched... not because of the content, but because it was so laggy for everyone, it was basically unwatchable, and not just on YouTube, i tried Twitch as well, it was even worse.

creatchee3349d ago

Lol between this and the abortion that was AMD's conference, it's been a bad 24 hours for streaming content!

Bigpappy3349d ago

I think Phil Harris is the Sabatore. Since he came on to the Xbox team, some strange things has been happening.

Tapani3349d ago

Excuse me, what?

You probably meant "saboteur", the French word which you spelled wrong, used a capital letter with, and misused.

He is not a Sony advocate, but a defector. I found his presentation boring and standard.

Kids these days. ;)

DiRtY3349d ago

video is not available. Love it.

BG115793349d ago

Of course not, it was a direct live feed...
The conference ended 45 minutes ago.

Fergusonxplainsall3349d ago

It's one of those tall aliens!

You can tell by the arms and the way he says

"I'm Phil Harrison?"


BG115793349d ago

Thanks for the link Marius_Titus.
This was one of the worst live streamings I've seen lately. It was unwatchable.

For the conference itself, nothing really new. The same usual videos (rehashed video of Forza 5 behind the camera publicity and Titan Fall (video right out E3)), history of employes (The employe looked like a gamer, fat, long beard and seem not to know what a bath is), every xbox can be used to develop games but not right now (Maybe later 2014), someone won an Xbone with forza (That actually was the most exiting thing)...

Sarobi3349d ago

So basically.. nothing new was talked about?

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