OXM: Rocky and Bullwinkle Review

Zen Studios misfires badly in its new Live Arcade treatment of the iconic 1960s Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon series. Keying on the show's rudimentary (and universally derided) animation instead of its wonderful writing and goofy humor demonstrates an atrocious error in judgment. Worse still, the XBLA edition is nothing more than a series of rapid-fire mini-games - most lasting less than 10 seconds - where you must frantically manipulate buttons and triggers on your controller to direct some character's obscure on-screen movements.

Much of the time you won't have a clue what you did right or wrong before the game advances you to the next, often repetitive, set-piece. It's enough to make you swear off squirrels and moose forever.

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wow4u3837d ago


The game is made for 5 year olds! Its a CHILD's VIDEOGAME.

Its hillarious that they reviewed this game totally out of context.