Quake Wars - Exclusive Action Satisfaction Trailer

A square kilometer sand box to pwn some n00bs sounds just like what the announcer from a monster truck show ordered.

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HeroOfCows3928d ago

That was pretty freaking awesome. Game doesn't look half bad either, but I only might pick it up. Too much good stuff.

Superiorrior3928d ago

This game is actually great fun, but it's reception was more than lackluster, it's not a traditional quake game but extremely fun none the less, I hope it gets a huge turn around now that it's being ported to console, this is a definite buy for me.

FCOLitsjustagame3928d ago

Waiting for Quake Wars. I hope it has SP.
Was that an official trailer or Fan-trailer. Announcer boy was quite over the top. Though it does have a kind of odd appeal.