Top 10 Difficult Games

In the old days of gaming, the majority of games on the market were extremely difficult, and led to countless hours of play even in the face of their brevity. However, there are still some games out there that will give even the most hardcore gamer a brain hemorrhage, so here's a look at some of the most difficult games ever committed to consoles.

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Jamegohanssj53835d ago

It's not even funny how hard Ninja Gaiden Sigma was on the first difficulty level! I still love the game and it's probably my second favorite game on my PS3.

The Genius has spoken.

Breakfast3835d ago

The original was harder...i tried it, couldnt beat it. Tried it again in a month, and beat it, with blood sweat and tears. I rank it as one of my favourite games ever.

Charlie26883835d ago

Ninja Gaiden Masochist rightfully at the first be honest ive never played the original one and when I got Sigma the difficulty was like a concrete brick in the face...even the cheap enemies could kill you really easily and the first boos fight was VERY tough (well I actually found DMC3 Cerberus fight to be probably the first boss battle in a game to extremely hard to the point of frustration)

and to be even more honest I would like to have included in the list DMC3 in the "normal" difficulty of the standard edition

permutated3835d ago

Sigma is a cakewalk compared to Battletoads & Ghosts N' Goblins.

WTF are these editors smoking?

PSWe603835d ago

I don't know about you permutated, but Ninja Gaiden Sigma was so difficult it was psychotic. After about 6 months I just gave up.

permutated3835d ago

Ninja Gaiden 2 is the only game I'm looking forward to this year, needless to say it's because I want it to beat the hell out of me.

Anyhow, I don't give up on games with masochistic AI, I just try over and over.

The only thing I don't like in a masochistic game is a diminishing health bar, I feel that shows alot of laziness on the side of the developer, because it's normally implemented as an escape plan for poor design.

jihnwaler053835d ago

permutated, i just have a few quick questions
1. Can you define a masochistic AI for me?
2. What kind of games do you play where the health bars are stationary?
3. When did you first learn you mentally retarded?

I beat it and all the missions except for that last one but im pretty sure thats a big joke.
"ok, for the last mission lets make them fight all the bosses at once but only give them a healing elixir and shurikens...they'll be playing this game for years"

Keowrath3835d ago

WTF Sigma as number 1? Well the original Gaiden was tougher than Sigma and Black was harder still.

I'd have the original DMC in that list if we're going on hard Modes but if it's default setting then I don't know. I agree with the addition of Shinobi damn I was so relieved to finally beat that game! lol.

But either this reporter hasn't played that many games or he's a fruit loop. I'd stick R-type way up there, that game was difficult!!! I don't recall was the SNES Super ghouls and ghosts tougher than ghosts and goblins? Either way, that game was a beotch too

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The story is too old to be commented.