'NecroVisioN' (X360/PC) Screens

NecroVisioN is a next-gen First Person Shooter that starts in the rage battlefields of World Word I and leads player to much darker and brutal underground world of vampires and demons. Check our these latest screens.

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Gamer136528d ago

Could be a killer game, but i like the look of this game.

schnodder6528d ago

looks a little bit like call of duty with vampires. but we'll see.

USMChardcharger6528d ago

could be good. not many games if any has touched on WW1...and then to throw vampires on top of that. hope they do it right.

justin6528d ago

it seems ok, but it better be pretty good to compete with all of the other FPS that we have.

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Starship Troopers: Extermination Deploys New Class System With A Trailer

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TorpeAlex1h ago

It must be frustrating for these devs to see Helldivers 2 absolutely devour their lunch lol

VenomUK1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

-Oh my God, this game looks like a complete rip-off of Helldivers II!

-At least it gives Xbox players the chance to experience something similar to the PlayStation game!

Jokes aside it does make you wonder why Sony, who owns the IP for both, is continuing with two products when there is such overlap. Should it one day make a new Starship Troopers film or a Helldivers film instead?