Multiple Manufacturers May Confuse Steam Machine Buyers

Game developer Valve's second of three major announcements this week has hit the Internet, and its hardware strategy is not quite what the Internet was expecting. Rather than releasing its own Steam boxes, Valve has elected to let third parties build a wide range of SteamOS systems — a strategy that could prove both beneficial and confusing.

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zeal0us3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

I doubt it just at look AndroidOS, WP8 and even the PC.

Feralkitsune3811d ago

Confusing if you're illiterate. Otherwise, I doubt anyone is too stupid to know how to buy a new shiny electronic.

Are_The_MaDNess3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

TBH, most people that buy their new iPhones and Andriod Smart Phones dont know anything about them other than they heard they where good on an ad or from someone they know.

most of them dont show any will to learn them at all.

i dont get why they constantly buy hightech gear but dont even bother with how they work or how they get the most out of their stuff.

Feralkitsune3811d ago

Exactly, they just have to know that it exists, and they will find a way to spend money on it.

3-4-53811d ago

That is like people being confused because there are multiple phone or car companies.

Saryk3811d ago

Funny! Maybe back in the 80's, but today, most kids they they are PC gurus!

JsonHenry3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

I don't think that anyone that knows even the smallest bit about PC gaming in general will be confused. You know your hobby.

SpiralTear3811d ago

The people who will buy this will probably have some form of tech education with them already, so I doubt compatibility and specs will be a confusing issue. If you can buy a certain kind of smartphone, you'll be able to buy a certain kind of SteamOS device.

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just_looken1d 17h ago

Good too see as much as i like steam they need to invest in more overall protection its crazy how no large deformation suit has happened yet. The community did the leg work here valve was there last it should be valve first.

A simple hey can not name it this ____ as it is already on steam would go a long way as names are copyrighted for the most part.


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