Unreal Tournament 3 X360 info and screens

It may have taken a little while longer than the rest of the pack, but Epic Games' other franchise is on its way to Xbox 360 soon. A release date hasn't yet been announced, but you can be sure that the extra time is going to good use. The Xbox 360 release will contain five new exclusive maps those other platforms didn't get, two new characters and will include two player splitscreen action. All that and it also sports all of the downloadable content that Epic has created for the PS3 and PC.

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chaosatom3333889d ago

" five new exclusive maps " no mods, so what's the point.

"two player splitscreen action"
Two player are necesssary in driving games, not FPS.
It could increase the replay value, but it doesn't have a singleplayer!

conjurdevil3889d ago

2 player split screen??!?!?
this is so unfair for ps3 version I have!!!

Drekken3888d ago

The single player is more like multiplayer with bots.

Megaton3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

I really want 2 player split screen, but if I had to choose between that and a platform that allows mods, it's really a no-brainer. I'm sure the "exclusive maps" will be recreated via modding for PS3/PC in a very timely fashion.

Bladestar3888d ago

Where does it say, "no mods"???

wahhhhh! wahhhh!... you are just mad because all xbox 360 haters thought that this game was going to be dumbed down on the xbox 360 and is bringing more content and features than the PS3 and the PC have....

and unless you got official word from microsoft and Epic you shouldn't bet your left nutz over the mod.... you may be surprised... it's not that the xbox 360 can't technically do it.. is that microsoft does not want xbox live to be hacked do to mods... but if anyone can make a game console work between a window OS and the xbox 360 is the company that makes both... XNA is more difficult and general than a mod tool or map editor and microsoft managed to make it secure to make games on it.... don't be surprised if Epic and microsoft are working on a sadbox for developers to be able to provide mods for their games securily... It's not a technical challenge... therefore don't count on the fact that mods may be part of this game...

SUP3R3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

u have a lot of faith in MS bladestar....go strong, but don't be surprised by disappointment.

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Salvadore3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Interesting news indeed, but mouse and keyboard support?

gnothe13888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

since theres apparently no mods, it also sports all of the down loadable content that Epic has created for the PS3 and PC. i wonder is this by download or is it on the disc. because I thought i read somewhere(on N4G) that the 360 version WONT have all the maps that the PS3 version had BECAUSE of blu ray!!. i wonder what happen!!

did anybody look at the high res video. I HAD this game on my PS3, I dont wanna sould like a hater or nothing but the PS3 version didnt look that crisp!! epic putting this game on hold my have just been a ploy to get MS to include mods an thats all. because if the PC version was done then there was no reason at all why the 360 version wasnt done! 360=PC

Kami3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

i have it and you are right it looks different, i don't know if "crisp" or "Better" but i say "different", like it has more colors(look at the jelly bomb) or something.

TrenchaunT3888d ago

Epic has said that a large reason for the delay was to convince MS to allow mods. I wonder if they have been successful or not. You're right, 360 and PC are easy to port back and forth, but the issue is the mods (and adapting it to Xbox Live with mods, if they succeeded in convincing MS).

Part of me likes the idea of mods (to me Oblivion is practically unplayable without mods), but I like the relaxed approach to gaming that a console offers (as opposed to leaning over a mouse and keyboard), I don't have a PS3, and I like my 360 controller, so I will probably get the game for 360 anyway. Either that or PC.

lol, I have to say I love this quote: "SPEED! UT3 is a zero time to spectacle game, meaning that when you spawn into the world, you're instantly in the action. Vehicles are exploding, robots are blowing apart lizard monsters, just non-stop CARNAGE! ... I think UT3 is just what the doctor ordered for people suffering for the accursed affliction of Tactical Shooter Fatigue."

That sums up Unreal pretty darn well.

Lucreto3888d ago

I want split screen in offline single player for PS3.

captainpwn3888d ago

Microsoft must've dropped some cheese for this one.

Lucreto3888d ago

I want it but I can live without it. I lived without KOTOR, Halo series and Lost Odyssey.

I am awiting for a Luca Blight skin and an Okami skin. I will be happy with that.

Lord Vader3888d ago

That's too bad. You really missed out on KOTOR.

jackdoe3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

KotoR and Halo don't need an incredibly powerful PC to play it at high settings. Pick them up immediately, or aquire them through less legal means. They are good games.

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