The Xbox 360 - You Love It, You Hate It

There definitely is a love-hate relationship between gamers and Xbox 360. Since the first light of day glanced upon the 360's case, reports have continued to stream in about the ongoing problem of the RRoD (Red Ring of Death). Other problems such as the DVD drive being faulty have also become commonplace.

But in spite of all these problems with the quality control of the unit, gamers still remain enthusiastically loyal to the creaky Xbox 360. The game library continues to astound and delight fans with games such as Mass Effect, Bioshock, Call of Duty 4 and a solid Xbox Live Arcade library.

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sak5003862d ago

Its simple, if you own one you love it despite the RROD issue cuz it has huge gaming library and gamer friendly features. You hate it if you're an idiot diehard blindsony bat cuz they ended up paying higher amount waited one year and above to get an inferior gaming console. so now they are using multiple accounts on website posting fud against xbox360.

eagle213862d ago

This guy is only talking about the 360. He never mentions anything else. Go play Saints Row, Viva Pinata and god knows what else your still trying to "convince" yourself with. :)

Your just jealous. And you fit the bill for the reason why Microsoft will continue to sell consoles to YOU (and maybe only you soon). :)

sak5003862d ago

How about Mass Effect, Ace Combat 6, bioshock, PGR4, Battlefield Bad company Beta, COD4, Halo3, Universe at War? Now go back to your HS and unchartered..oops u finished those in 1 sitting. how sad.

eagle213862d ago

I wouldn't touch Halo or Mass Effect with a ten foot pole. Warhawk kills Ace Combat 6. LMAO.

Metal Gear Online Beta > Battlefield?

COD4? You want to use that one? :)

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue kicks 360 graphics into last gen. Why would I play PGrush 4? lol :)

TheEndzor3862d ago

The article talks about the xbox360 and makes no mention of any other console.

yet you take a shot at sony? if you don't like what was mentioned in that article then fine

at least post something relevant to it and not use the post to take out your frustration at the competition.

beans3862d ago

Yeah he took a potshot but the same thing goes on whenever Sony fans catch wind of positive 360 news which is sad! It's back and forth but I can't stand to read comments like yours where you only knock the person with the opposing console rather then telling them both to relax!

tehReaper3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )


Yeah I agree with beans. It's what you and your PS3 fanboys do in every Sony article. Somehow the 360 gets brought up with no mention of it. About how the 360 is so "inferior". It's not, and I don't get why people choose to believe it.

Don't be a hypocrite. There is a difference between Sony fanboys and Microsoft fanboys. Microsoft fanboys base things on fact(not all of them, but most), and Sony fanboys base things off of speculation, lies, fake articles, and what MAY happen in the future.

Nobody is a psychic, fanboys need to stop trying to be one.

GiantEnemyCrab3862d ago

So true Sak500





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LightningPS33862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

XBOX 360 outsold PS3 in March. The XBOX brand is just too strong in North America and in Europe sales are equal or XBOX 360 is winning because they just doubled sales after the price cut.

so XBOX 360 is winning, and still you see Microsoft more hungry than Sony trying to push GTA IV.

While Sony just does nothing still thinking customers are gonna flock to PS3 because GTA is PS2. I'm a PS3 fan but damn, I'm sometimes not sure if Sony is tough enough to compete.

All sony has done this gen is take XBOX 360 lightly and released the same thing a year later at a much higher price. These guys acted like there was no competition and they're paying for it now.

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AllroundGamer3862d ago

The Xbox 360 - it's not working! :)

Jim Crowslaw3862d ago

what are u talkin about? ps3 outsold 360 3 months straight (jan, feb, march)

Silellak3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

NPD numbers are in. 360 outsold the PS3 by 5000 units in March.

Guess you shouldn't believe every analyst you read and repeat their predictions as fact, eh?


Yeah, I guess I was only considering NA, sorry. The PS3 is obviously winning the international battle, and has been for some time (not just Jan, Feb, and March) so I assumed he was talking about NA.

No, I wasn't using VG Chartz. The actual NPD numbers are in. Sorry to disappoint, but VG Chartz was actually way more accurate that Patcher this time around.

Educate yourself:

Direct source:

Fishy Fingers3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

NPD is only NA, worldwide the PS3 still sold more so I guess he's kind of right.

Superiorrior3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Lol that's hilarious your using VGChartz to guestimate it outsold ps3 by 5000 units, get a life.

Edit: wheres the source. Alright thanks, I wouldn't say Xbox 360 is on a come back since it is a measly 5000 units more but it's definitely news that it took back NA territory, it still has to make up for sales around the world, thanks for the link btw.

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