Lightning Returns’ Hard mode has higher-level drops, story should last 50 hours

After you first complete Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, you’ll unlock the “Hard” difficulty, game design director Yuji Abe and battle design director Nobuyuki Matsuoka revealed in a Famitsu interview.

Hard difficulty monsters will be stronger and drop higher-level abilities. There will also be items that are only sold in Hard mode.

Additionally, the number of each monster type living in the world of Lightning Returns is predetermined. When you defeat the last of their kind (properly known as the “Last One”), the monster will become extinct. Each Last One will be remarkably stronger than their counterparts, and depending on the monster, their behavior may differ as well. If you defeat a Last One, you might acquire rare items.

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vishmarx1911d ago

looks decent.topping its prequels isnt hard.
if anything ill byt it for that battle system thats somewhat similar to the 06 trailer

minimur121911d ago

I couldn't complete ff13-2 for tedious time travelling reasons, lol , do you think I'll need to finish it for Lightning Returns?

Lucreto1911d ago

You could always watch the cut scenes on Youtube.

vishmarx1911d ago

im afraid.tho i suggest you youtube it instead.+lightning dlc

minimur121911d ago

Good idea guys, I'm watching the movie versions now haha :) thanks!

Ksar1911d ago

me too, i liked the opening

KrimsonKody1911d ago

I'm am sooo over Final Fantasy...
Thinking about the franchise just exhausts me.