GTA Online Has A Cash Agenda

MaxLevel: "A rumor surfaced on the web today about Grand Theft Auto Online allowing players to purchase in-game currency. With micro-transactions ridiculed the way they are and Rockstar praised just about as much, this creates quite the interesting scenario. So let’s talk about it!"

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MeatheadMilitia3353d ago

If the rumors are true then I have no problem with there being micro-transactions for either offline or online. If someone wants to put more money into the game that is their choice. That is anyone's choice.

pompombrum3352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

I have no problem with micro-transactions which don't give people huge advantages but if the rumours are true and that people are able to spend real cash for ingame cash,that's just ruining the game for people. Seeing how making money is the main goal of online and presumably showing it off with vanity stuff, being able to just buy it all with real money is complete and total BS.

Mikeyy3352d ago

Micro transactions become a problem when the people who refuse to use them get punished for not doing so.

Diablo 3 is the poster child. Good thing they are ending the auction houses.

Reboot3353d ago

I don't mind the whole pay to obtain thing but hopefully they don't make it to the point you can be some monster on GTA cause you have the cash.

boogey1573353d ago

Let's wait and see. I think this will be more of a factor in the free roam mode.

Sunnyknight3353d ago

Yeah, I really didn't like GTA V in the slightest. A free to play multiplayer aspect will be fun for the people who enjoy the game as is, but I think that the micro transactions will leave people a little salty.

Trackboss3352d ago

It shouldn't be all bad :p

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