Microsoft accidentily reveales 60GB HDD ?

Some weeks ago there where some rumours about a possible 100GB HDD for the Xbox 360. Those rumours were later denied by Microsoft, but now there is a new rumour about a possibile 60GB HDD. In a picture from yesterday's Microsoft event in Japan, in the top right side of the picture there you can see that it says: 59.5 GB. Is there gonna be a 60 GB HDD for the Xbox 360, just like the PS3 has ?

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Funky Town_TX4462d ago

I stream everything. I only save game data. Once I get a game I don't need the demo. I bet this thing cost about $150. I rather buy more games with that.

Sidherich4462d ago

Its unlikely that this shows a 60GB HDD. First of all it makes more sense that it shows FREE memory at that location. But when plugging a HDD into a 360 it will grab 2GB for caching and additional 4GB for Xbox Backward compability. So even if there was a 60GB plugged in it would read 54GB free.

The official XDK's are 360's with a 80GB hard drive so i think that this is what you guys are seeing. 80GB -2GB of cache -4GB of Xbox Emulation - 14GB of some other stuff ... game code, videos, demos, etc

THWIP4462d ago

1.) Why is a dev kit still being used at such an event, when the hardware has been out for a year?

2.) Why was 80GB made available to devs to begin with, if it was never going to be used in the final SKU? PARTICULARLY when the devs were told the couldn't even COUNT on an HDD, because it wouldn't be standard.

The thing is, everyone knows MS has some deals cooking with other media, that will REQUIRE a bigger HDD. Couple that with the fact that there has been alot of negativity from devs over the HDD, and MS simply doesn't have a choice here. Simply put, there WILL BE a standard HDD in the future, and there WILL BE a larger capacity HDD made available to consumers. Whether that is done sooner (by spring), or in a couple years, is the question.

THWIP4462d ago

...but I still believe MS will restructure the 2 SKUs, to be directly competitive with the PS3. The lack of a standard HDD was the single biggest mistake MS made with the 360, and it's going to hurt them even more once the PS3 games start to improve. The 8GB HDD in the XBOX was it's "secret weapon" last gen, allowing devs to do things that simply weren't possible on the PS2. That MS decided to handicap the 360 like they did, is beyond stupid.

PS360WII4462d ago

MS not having HDD standard in all sku's was rather silly. I mean were they thinking? I'm going to buy this core and just not save my games...

THWIP4462d ago

The do have the 64mb memory unit, which was reasonable priced. The lack of a standard HDD just hampers devs, in terms of caching for large levels and textures. Without the HDD, Morrowind COULD NOT have been done on the XBOX. Likewise, Oblivion makes extensive use of the HDD on the 360 ; Bethesda put word out early on, that if you planned on playing Oblivion on 360, you better plan on having the 20GB HDD.

If MS doesn't wake up and do the right thing, you can bet your ass more devs will go that route, basically ignoring MS's mandate of "not relying on the HDD". We've already seen a couple titles released or announced, that REQUIRE the HDD. One was that football manager game....can't remember the other. The thing is, it's really not a huge financial issue. Anyone who's priced a PC HDD, knows that the prices are coming down quickly. There's no way in hell MS can continue to justify charging $100 for a pathetic 20GB, when it SHOULD be standard equipment.

Capt CHAOS4462d ago

Was the most dumb decissions that MS made.. About as bad as the PS3 not having rumble..

headblackman4462d ago

i think that they should just pony up and release that 100gig hdd beccause they are trying to be better than sony not just like sony :/

Sidherich4462d ago

yes this location tells the remaining FREE memory. not the total memory. So it is definetely a HDD larger than 60GB. Still believe that it is a 80GB XDK one tho

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