Destructoid: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Preview

Before Destructoid could play the game, Gearbox Software gave the press a demonstration of the game. There's going to a be a little "Previously, in Brothers in Arms" video recapping what happened in the first two games leading up to Hell's Highway in 24 fashion.

After that recap, one of the Gearbox team members starts playing through the first level of the game. You play as Matt Baker, Sergeant and commander of the 101st Airborne Division. The game starts off with a cut scene as Matt comforts a dying soldier in a war torn hospital. A Nazi soldier starts to sneak up on Matt but is taken out by Corporal Joe Hartsock, Matts squadmate. The cut scene ends with the fallen soldier dying and flaming rubble falling on his body. That's when the game kicks in and you take control of Matt Baker.

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