First Playstation 3 Reviews

Famitsu Magazine has released the first reviews of Playstation 3 games. Ridge Racer 7 and Resistance top the list with the best scores.

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Islandkiwi4463d ago

Ridge racer beats resistance? That's not encouraging to me.

And love hamster only got 21/40? Noooo!!!!!

Ravenator5294463d ago

These are Japanese reviewers! Japanese gamers are not the huge fans of FPS's like Americans and many Europeans.

The Japanese love their RPG's and racing games.

It doesn't suprise me that Ridge Racer is ranked higher.

DC RID3R4463d ago

of the POOR state japanese gaming is in right now!!!!!

1. how can ridge racer7(a 10 year old ip with improved graphics only) be rated higher than ROF?

2. what the fuk do the japanese gaming public know about fps's?

3. i smell BS sony marketing schemes!!

kmis874463d ago

1. Have you ever considered the possibility that they may like different games, and that RR7 might be considered good by a bunch of people?

2. They know that they like drift racing more than fps.

3. How would this be a Sony marketing scheme? If Sony was pulling the strings here, wouldn't they get their first party games (RFOM and Genji) rated higher than a third party game.

PS360WII4463d ago

maybe it gives a glimps at how bad we are where the only games US people play (majority) are FPS and sometimes 3rd person shooters. There are other games out there too ya know.

zypher4463d ago

neither of you could've said it better. it's pretty sad that some people take gaming so seriously that they're willing to endourse cultural divide. i personally don't like Ridge Racers, and will probably like Resistance infinitely more; however, thats no reason to say that the Japanese taste is "focked up". they just so happen to make the best rpgs ever, two of which Microsoft and its fanboys are hoping will turn the tide of the 360 in the land of the rising sun.

andy capps4463d ago

Halo 2 was an 85. 82.5 for an FPS from a Japanese gaming magazine is really good.


so Halo 2 is better than RFOM?

Funky Town_TX4463d ago

Don't start xbox vs sony crap. Japanese ppl don't like FPS.

andy capps4463d ago

I wasn't starting Xbox vs. Sony crap, I was merely providing context by providing a rating from Famitsu from a fellow FPS that is generally regarded by American gamers (not myself) as one of the best FPS ever. It received a 9.8 from IGN, for comparison.

And yes they don't like FPS, that was my point. They don't like FPS, so 85 for Halo 2 (which scored much better in the US), spells that 82.5 from Famitsu for RFOM is a good score (for an FPS) and may signal much higher scores in the US.

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The story is too old to be commented.