No plans to make 20GB PS3 wireless

Sony has revealed that it has no plans to release a wireless adapter for the 20GB PS3.

With HMDI now present in both versions of the PS3, one of the other major differences is the built-in wireless adapter found only in the 60GB model. In a Q&A posted on the official Japanese PS3 website, the question of upgrading the 20GB to make it wireless is asked. The answer: "Not currently".

Obviously the 20GB PS3 does have an Ethernet port so if you want you could plug in a wireless bridge of some kind and hey presto your 20GB PS3 is wireless. There's also the possibility that Sony will release a wireless adapter by way of USB dongle.

Obviously this will only become a problem for European gamers if Sony decides to release the 20GB version in Europe. Back when the console was scheduled to arrive this year, Sony was remaining tight-lipped over the release of the 20GB model.

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Funky Town_TX4463d ago

The 60 gig version comes with 802.11b. How about making a G option.

Siesser4463d ago

According to the specs on their website, it's 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi

Siesser4462d ago

OK, someone disagrees with that, I guess . . .

Here's a link to the specs of the system if that helps clarify things. It's highlighted in red.

Siesser4463d ago (Edited 4463d ago )

Doesn't "Not Currently" imply "In the future/somewhere down the line?" They've always said everything would be upgradeable, and this seems like the silliest thing in the world to not be able to integrate.

kmis874463d ago

This doesn't mean they have no plans to do this. If you asked Microsoft if there was any way to get a HD larger than 20GB, they would say "Not Currently." If you ask Microsoft if there is a way to get HDMI output for the 360, they would say "Not Currently." This probably means, "Not Currently, but in the future there will be."

shotty4463d ago

It more like "We have not announced any Specifics" or my favourite "We do not comment on Rumors or Speculations"

PS360WII4463d ago

you can grab that wireless G do-hiky thing and you have your wireless. Sure it's not pretty and not made specifically for the system itself but it works. Anyways this is why I'm gearing for the 60 gig version

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