Top 10 Wishlist: Dreamcast Games On XBLA/PS Store

Game Focus writes: "We won't lie to you but the announcement of Dreamcast's Soul Calibur port to the XBLA platform got us excited... and nostalgic. So, we have prepared a Top 10 wishlist of games that we would love to see coming in the future on both XBLA and PS Store."

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Intrepid3838d ago

I'm not a fanboy or anything, but why neglect the Virtual Console?

BigPimpJayQc3838d ago

...the article follows the announcement of Soul Calibur for the XBLA.

Gandhi693837d ago

I don't think the wii would be able to run Dreamcast ports....

brothersimon3838d ago

I would LOVE to see these on XBLA

SC is just the start!

kira9893838d ago

Damn you beat me to it!!

That was one of the only game i really expected to be on that list.

LeonSKennedy4Life3838d ago

Completely agree.

Hands down, best brawler ever released...much better than any Super Smash Bros.

kewlkat0073838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

Power Stone 2 would kick arse. Especially on XBL...grrr

I wish there was Power Stone 3 for XBL or PSN to rival SSB but in HD.
I wonder if Capcom have something planned.

Anyhow I just downloaded most DREAMCAST games for my emulator, 170 Gigs worth.

Z501 down below, them fighting games were the sh^t. That console had a little bit of everything.

Damn I loved that console.

miked8083838d ago

I definitely agree with wanting to play Power Stone again but some Skies of Arcadia would do me fine also.

poopface13837d ago

but I actually liked ps1 better. I liked the 4 player in ps2 but really liked ps1 comabt better. I didnt like the stages as much in ps2. Iv had some really intense power stone 1 battles, cause its all about fighting.

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predator3838d ago

shenmue is a classic, worhty of a remake but also we need shenmue 3, i would add power stone 1 and 2, chu chu rocket would be cool, and marvel vs capcom 2, also if capcom were feeling realy generoius then a remake of resi:code veronica

INehalemEXI3837d ago

Yah thats the list right there. Shenmue at the top for me. Marvel Vs Capcom 2 a close second.

Z5013838d ago

Street Fighter 3
Marvel vs Capcom 2

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The story is too old to be commented.