Wonder Flick Trailer

Sony put up the official trailer for Wonder Flick on their Japanese PS YouTube channel.

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CanadianTurtle2994d ago

Kind of reminds me about Dragon Quest in terms of presentation. There's even a monster in there that resembles a slime.
I'm actually really looking forward to this on the PS4. I'm guessing this is going to put heavy use on the PS4 touchpad

DeadlyFire2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Reminds me of Dark Cloud personally. Which was also developed by Level 5.

leahcim2994d ago

I will get the Vita version.

thanks level 5

3-4-52994d ago

This game would be amazing........if it didn't rely on the stupid flicking gimmick.

Why do companies take amazing art and music and mix it with dumb gameplay, and then make games with GREAT gameplay have crappy art styles ?

Venox20082994d ago

Wii U version for me :)

DunDee9102994d ago

OH wow, finally I have a successor to Dokapon Kingdom. My girlfriend will actually play this game with me. I'm getting it for PS4.