Grand Theft Auto 5 Shatters Records

Well, there will have to be some Guinness World Record book edits coming in the near future. The fastest Billion in video game sales has been crushed by Grand Theft Auto 5. The record was formerly held by Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Modern Warfare 3 respectively, reaching their billion mark in the two-week range.

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TongkatAli3350d ago

Getting my second copy this week, ballin.

3-4-53350d ago

" I think you F***** shattered it ! "

SpitFireAce853350d ago

"Rockstar wasn’t having any of that and hit the mark in just three days… making $800 Million in the very first day of sales. You gotta figure almost everyone who was getting it that early picked it up on day one, but it seems a second wave of buyers came and finalized the record."

I believe the second wave was europe since games come
out on Friday in europe.BTW Great game love it cant wait
for GTA Online.

ravinash3350d ago

I'm sure there were a lot of people wait to see what the game was like, on the border line of getting or waiting for some reviews before getting it.
Of course it had such good fed back, that they didn't have to wait for long.

SephirothX213350d ago

It came out on Tuesday 17th in Europe as well.

TIER1xWOLFPACKx3350d ago

Came out Tuesday the 17th in Europe

SpitFireAce853350d ago

Ohh my bad i was to anxious to get the game to do
some research..

Bobby Kotex3350d ago

'Not impressive' - Peter Molyneux

Audiggity3350d ago

Hahahahha... well said...

Audiggity3350d ago

So, there was already a 2nd wave of sales...

3rd wave = GTA Online and how much fun people will be having with it (Possibly converting the CoD drones over to something a bit less linear)

4th wave = PC Version w/ full Steam support, replay editor and modding out of the box (I CAN DREAM!)

5th wave = GOTY Next Gen XB1 and PS4 versions... w/ their versions of "Sharing" content enabled and the ability to transfer your Saves via R* Cloud and move your character over from GTA Online

6th wave = Family friendly version of GTA V w/ motion controls enabled and all violence removed (Joke)

Boom, Bam, Zing... don't print that new Guinness World Record book just yet, you'd be wastin' ink.

abradley3350d ago

I think COD is going to have to actually work to crack that record, instead of lounging about expecting people to pick up another rehashed game.

Anyway, I second the Guinness World Record hold as I can see GTA's lead climbing even higher.

I wonder how many of us picked it up just for online?