Seeing Red

Earlier this month, Ubisoft held a press event in Paris to promote Red Steel, a launch title for the Nintendo Wii. In fact, it's one of seven Wii titles Ubisoft is publishing in December - and as EMEA executive director Alain Corre noted in a speech at the event, that's the most support the publisher has ever given a new console at launch.
Having had the chance to give Red Steel a go, sat down with Corre to find out more about Ubisoft's commitment to Nintendo's new machine. They also got to discuss the current console transition, the European PS3 delay, and those rumours concerning a possible acquisition by EA... Read on to find out more.

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PS360WII4464d ago

Sounds like Ubi is on it's way to make a killing with these 3 consoles. Lets hope it won't go to their heads