D4 looks like the first game to be truly better with Kinect

The latest from Deadly Premonition's director is strange, surreal and utterly brilliant.

It's a surreal, hilarious and often imaginative adventure game that takes the bizarre humour of Deadly Premonition to an extreme, and it's really all the better for it.

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nukeitall3351d ago

This game looks like it is going to be a blast, and it likely will be the first hardcore game to validate the inclusion of Kinect One.

Personally, can't wait!

2cents3350d ago

I agree!

So many things sound so Wakey! One description that made me laugh is where he has to repeatedly bitch slap someone in the face on the plane, lol.

I'm so gonna get this on its release!

Gazondaily3350d ago

In that case I'm gonna put some talcum powder on before using Kinect. Pimp slap!

True_Samurai3350d ago

Is this available at launch?

Neoninja3350d ago

From everything I read D4 isn't a launch title, and they haven't given a release date yet.

Game looks super fun though so I hope we don't have to wait too long for it.

jackanderson19853351d ago

hopefully this game will show the kinect to be a decent accessory to the xbox one and not just the gimmick it's currently viewed as... any rumor of a release date on this?

Ohlmay3351d ago

One of the first games to use the new Kinect 2.0 and it's getting praised! Kinect 2.0 has a strong future :)

2cents3350d ago

Sure is a good sign!


christocolus3350d ago

i am excited about this game but even more excited about the future possibilities of kinect...shinji , 343,remedy, epic, rare, black tusk, konami, namco, capcom, square glad kinect was included in the box.

from the beach3350d ago

Nope, not even close.

Looks a good game though!

Bundi3350d ago

Finally, someone who has had first hand experience with Kinect 2.0, please tell me more.

from the beach3350d ago

Impressions have been good so far, apart from that televised incident where it didn't work.. oh, that was the other thing.

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