Brutal "Backbreaker" gameplay footage, new screens

TVGB: "The video and screenshots demonstrate one of the title's minigames, Tackle Alley. Where the runner, that's you, makes a mad dash for the end zone while opposing tacklers do their best to take you down. What's remarkable about this minigame I hear you ask? Well, it displays the Euphoria Engine being put to devilishly good use."

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NO_PUDding3838d ago

Great find. I don't care for American football, but I care for seeing the Euphoria technology when applied to games.

SickNick853838d ago

i buy this game at day one...better than madden

odisho683838d ago

this is not 2K and its not Madden...its most likely not going to be able to get nfl licensing due to Madden's exclusivity for that license...and nfl licensing is what really makes Madden a franchise that people buy all the time...i wish 2k was around but even if it was right now it wouldn't be able to touch madden because people want to play as their favorite nfl players or their favorite nfl teams not a game like this which is going to probably have fake teams

thomfilm3838d ago

Which is a great shame, seen as this game really looks like it could bring something to the genre.

LostChild3838d ago

about it this is that if it is good and causes a problem for Madden. EA will by them out. Toss away the technology that was implied in this game and then continue on with buisness as usual.

I wish they would make BC for 2k5 on the 360 already.

QuackPot3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

I don't care if they have fake teams and players, this games wastes madden in terms of realistic gameplay.

I'm never buying Madden again until it's just as good as this if not better.

This is the new standard for American Football and will lead the way for other sports games.