Fallout 3: If Dogmeat dies, he stays dead

Speaking to videogaming247 at a Fallout 3 demo in London this morning, Bethesda marketing head Peter Hines has confirmed the unthinkable: if you don't look after Dogmeat the dog, don't go crying to mother when he doesn't come back for bath time.

What happens if he dies?

"Dead," said Hines.

Is there another dog?

"Nope. One dog. Be careful."

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OpiZA3889d ago

That's abit of a nuisance...

Blackmoses3889d ago

I don't get it!

Who is Dogmeat and what significance does he play in the Fallout Universe? I've never played this game before so...I'm sort of a lost soul.


MK_Red3889d ago

Have you seen the movie Road Warrior? It was one of main inspirations for Fallout and in that classic film, Max had a royal dog. It will be kinda like Fable 2's dog though it was original Fallout that did it first.

Watkins3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

It's one of the NPCs you can recruit along your journey. helps you, like all the other people that you can get to tag along.
He appeared in the first fallout, but I think you could get hold of him through some hack or easter egg in the second game as well. I never did though, so I'm not 100% definite on this one.
The story about his apprearance in F3 though, I dont know

MK_Red3889d ago

Good call. There was dog in Klamath that I thougth could follow me be it only roams that town.

Cafe of Broken Dreams... another one of those insane Fallout 2 moments.

Captain Tuttle3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

Give that Klamath dog some drymeat and he coughs up a key for the rat infested strip mall in Trapper Town

MK_Red3889d ago

Yup, for a second when he started following me, I though it's Dogmeat 2! but no, he would remain in that part of Klamath and doesn't even bother to come to the other side to kills some rats. Raaaaaaat GOAAAAAAAAAD!

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SeanScythe3889d ago

sounds like a lot of people will end up restarting each time the dog dies. I mean if he dies just don't save and load from the last save point.

ceedubya93889d ago

I couldn't let him go out like that. It would be highly upsetting. Just like when Sam had to die in "I Am Legend." Frickin awful I tell you!

Tempist3889d ago

That's heavy. Glad much logical thought is being put into the game play of this. It's going to be quite the refreshment.

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The story is too old to be commented.