Japan will get Lost Planet 'Dokon Pack'

Lost Planet is one of the games (after Blue Dragon) that should make the Xbox 360 more popular in Japan. That is why Capcop today announced that a special Lost Planet 'Dokon Pack' will be released there.

Ofcourse the Lost Planet game will be in the pack, but the Japanese gamers also get a Xbox 360, Lost Planet faceplate, Lost Planet headset, 3 months Xbox Live Gold and a special cards that lets them download all additional Lost Planet downloads on Marketplace.

Price? Only 44.800 Yen. (299 euro / 380 dollar) Doesn't sound like a bad deal at all..

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devv054460d ago

wish we had those prices here... we pay double price for games in Europe (65 euro - 32 euro in Japan)

PS360WII4460d ago

Seeing that we accually buy it for the large price means that's what we'll pay. Lets say if we decided that heck no I won't pay for it at that price and the majority also says that well then a price drop will happen... to bad that's not in our future