Guy Pimps His PS3 HDD

some clever chap went and pimped his PS3 for a school project.

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Fishy Fingers5407d ago

He's put a 500gb HDD in a fancy black perspex box. He hasn't even run the cables properly, which would leave me to believe this is removable (thank god). Hardly a "mod" at all, he hasn't "modded" a single playstation component.

Ali_The_Brit5407d ago

hmm i see your point, nethertheless he does have the thing welded on there using a chemical you probably cant pronounce, (read his description) plus i cant imagain it was to easy, it isnt the most ideal way to get a HDD that size BUT it is said it was for a project. somehow i think he passed ;)

NO_PUDding5407d ago (Edited 5407d ago )

Perspex? Looks like cardboard.

"Guy Gimps His PS3 HDD"

sonarus5407d ago

looks lame. I would much rather just leave it external but if he is happy with it then cool

Marceles5407d ago

lol i love the first comments on the board

From guy: "Also, if you're going to **bleep** it off, please offer a bit more feedback than "man, that's ugly.""

Comments: "What exactly is that monstrosity?", "god **bleep** thats ugly, but i cant do that so good work nonetheless.", "I'll be honest dude... looks F U G L Y", "Thats what the Xbox 360 would of looked like if it had the power brick internal. ", "to be honest, it looks crap."

INehalemEXI5407d ago

Yah, Hilarious. The one about your ps3's on viagra ... good laughs.

heyheyhey5407d ago


don't listen to Fishy Fingers, thats quite original and funky

Fishy Fingers5407d ago

Yes listen to him^^ instead.

himdeel5407d ago (Edited 5407d ago )

...if you have enough time on your hands, some motivation, a little patience, and your grade is on the line you can make some interesting things happen (message for the kiddies). I wonder what he got on this project and what the REST of his grades were for that term in his other subjects. Cheers to you for not making a volcano, or a tornado in a 2 liter bottle! Although both those projects rocked hard in the 2nd grade!!

Pimped his PS3 it up, yes. This is the Reebok Pump of mods lol! I joke but I still think this is pretty cool he's did something he can be proud of :)

kewlkat0075407d ago

than a mod...

Actually it ugly..

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The story is too old to be commented.