Gun Control Advocate: Guns, Not Games, to Blame for School Shootings

Critics of violent video games often seek to blame school shootings on games. However, an anti-gun violence activist notes that games are popular around the world while school shootings are largely a U.S. phenomenon.

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Yi-Long3836d ago

... blaming the actual idiots who pull the triggers, to cause harm and death!?

Is it bad parenting, pressure from society and school, mental illness, etc!?

It's usually a combination of stuff. Kids who are loners, detached from society, insecure, often been bullied, or abused, etc...

To say games arent to blame, is correct. We shouldnt scapegoat the media that many MANY millions of people enjoy on a daily basis, just because of some nutjobs having a simular interest, which doesnt relate to his actual actions.

Are guns to blame!? No. Dont get me wrong, I'm all for stricter guncontrol, and it's ridiculous how people can get access to so many guns and are able to cause so much harm.

But you cant BLAME a nutter shooting up people, on the guns. It's the person that shoots that is to blame. Millions of people have a gun in the house and wouldnt think of actually shooting random people.
I dont think that situation is desirable, and it causes too many accidental deaths by shootings... so as I said, I'm pro strict gun control, but we shouldnt scapegoat the actions of idiots on guns, or on other stuff that doesnt CAUSE the person to go and kill/harm others.

I'm from Holland btw, and I dont have a gun, or am interested in guns. I just hate the useless scapegoating when it just means we're talking around the REAL problems (and causes)