Sega: Sonic audience is 'clearly' on Nintendo systems, not Playstation or Xbox

Sega stated recently that they think the main audience for Sonic the hedgehog games isn't on Playstation or Xbox platforms but Nintendo systems, seemingly hinting that Sonic games will continue to arrive on Wii U/3DS with systems from Sony/Microsoft getting spotty support.

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pedrof933352d ago

If the PlayStation or Xbox sonic games were actually any good, maybe.

Benjammin253352d ago

I don't understand what this guy is even saying. Sonic 06, crap game = crap sales, Sonic Unleashed, crap game = crap sales, Sonic Generations, good game = good sales. It's not rocket science lads.

MineHaxx3352d ago

And Sonic CD=Extremely Awesome Game=Extremely good sales.

PopRocks3593352d ago

Sonic Unleashed was also on Wii and that version was more well received and sold better on that platform from what I understand. Keep in mind Sonic appeals to kids as well as teens.

Minute Man 7213351d ago

Don't know what they are talking about but I have Sonic CD and Sonic Adventures on the PS3

NYC_Gamer3352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

I disagree,Its SEGA fault for creating mediocre Sonic games and thinking PS/Xbox owners are supposed rush out to buy them.

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ritsuka6663351d ago

'SEGA fault for creating mediocre'

Mediocre??? Sonic colours are one best games ever dude, what are you talking about?

deafdani3351d ago

Sonic Colors was also Wii only. The dude mentioned PS and Xbox gamers.


sonic9893351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

sonic generations was good
sega just hurt me deeply since i am a huuuuuge sonic fan and i dont like nintendo at all .
should i say bye bye sonic i hope not
sega please dont abandon us please

EDIT : LOL at the disagrees .
it seems like they do know more about me than I do know myself

ChickeyCantor3351d ago

You're being overly dramatic. Sega isn't abandoning anyone. They don't do consoles anymore and Nintendo gives them a better success rate.

Ol_G3351d ago

I disagree with you because a true gamer plays games and doesn't care wich console it's on your statement comes over as butthurt for whatever reason

sonic9893351d ago

say what ever you want i wont buy a console for one game
all the games i like are on sony's machine
and sega is a third party publisher which means there is no reason to release the game on one system and leave the PS4 which is going to do very well

truechainz3351d ago

"EDIT : LOL at the disagrees .
it seems like they do know more about me than I do know myself"

That doesn't mean they are claiming to know more about you, it just means they disagree with your perspective. Hence the term disagree. Don't take it so personally.

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PirateThom3352d ago

Sega: Washed up mascots belong on Nintendo hardware.

Hilarious, it's a good thing Mario is still consistantly good quality.

lilbroRx3351d ago

I can smell the salt on your breath from here.

Sonic games on Nintendo hardware are good equality.

deafdani3351d ago

Is Sonic and the Secret Rings good?

Genuinely asking here, never played it.

Ol_G3351d ago

i liked it it was my first sonic on wii sometimes the controls were awkward but when it did what it was supposed to do the game became fast paced really fast the enviromental design was also quite good but thats my opinion on this game

thomasmiller3352d ago

yeah just like ray man right? ray man legends sold the most on wii u, and just like sonic lost worlds, it's exclusive and it will sell very well, unless it has guns blood and guts and big boobs, then sony and microsoft fans will not buy it.

WeAreLegion3352d ago

Yeah. It's not like Journey is the most downloaded game on the PlayStation 3 or anything.

PirateThom3352d ago

Equally, if it's not a cartoony platformer, Nintendo fans won't buy it and the result is the Wii U.

Luckily, I buy a wide range of games and don't limit myself to one genre or style because I don't like to pigeonhole myself.

sonic9893351d ago

i dont really buy games with guns and blood alot except some games like the last of us and gtaV other than that
ratchet and clank , sly cooper , ray man , etc .
btw i will buy a PS4 which makes your point invalid

Jeedai Infidel3352d ago

I remember back when Sega and Nintendo went at it like Sony and Microsoft do now. So we should see either God of War on Xbox or Halo on Playstation in about 15-20 years, right?

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