Can Mario and Luigi Save the Day?

With the passing of Hiroshi Yamauchi, the legendary former Nintendo president, there's no doubt that the company is asking itself if it can keep evolving to survive.

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thomasmiller2867d ago

Yes for the 1 billionth time Nintendo is going to last, wait unitl Pokemon x and y for 3ds and mario and zelda come out ofr wii u, things will turn around.

xHeavYx2867d ago

So, your solution is for them to keep using the same games over and over? That could have worked in the past, but now it's more obvious that remakes are not enough for Nintendo

thomasmiller2867d ago

just like kill zone for the ps4 and killer instinct for the x box one right? and the wii u has the wonderful 101, and monolith x as original titles, do your home work troll before your print stuff you know nothing about!!! but what ever helps you sleep at night sparkey!!! get a life!!!

xHeavYx2867d ago

First of all, stop with the "boohoo, someone has a different opinion, must be a troll" You show such immaturity by telling me to get a life
Second, the difference is that Sony has way more new IPs than Nintendo, Nintendo has Mario/Zelda/Pokemon, but most of the games are not even new games, just remakes

Sincere01212867d ago

xHeavyx u clearly didn't read thomas millers comment if you think Mario/Zelda/Pokemon are Nintendo's only IP'S and that they have no new ones, your ignorance makes you sound immature, do your research otherwise you just come across as a trolling fanboy.

There isn't a single Ip that sony has that can compare to Nintendo's, no point having loads of Ip's if there all crap.
Quality over quantity!

xHeavYx2867d ago

Talk to me when Nintendo comes out with a game like TLOU, sales don't mean quality, yes games like Ocarina of Time were a masterpiece back then, but bringing back old games gets old.
By the way, if YOU take the time to read Thomas' first comment, he is the one who mentions Pokemon, Mario and Zelda

Sincere01212867d ago

Talk to me when sony brings out games like mario galaxy, super metroid, super smash brothers, zelda, donkey kong, mario karts, Star fox wonderful 101.

I never said Sales meant Quality, but Quality = Quality and thats something Nintendo thrives in hence "Quality over Quantity"
Playstation are unable to make quality 1st party games like Nintendo.

All it will take is a quick google search and you will see your claim about Nintendo not having a lack of new Ip's demolished.
Again get your facts right instead of spreading nonesence.

AWBrawler2867d ago

mario, pokemon, and zelda are their big sellers, but Nintendo creates new IPs all the time. my favorite Wii new IP is Pandora's Tower followed by The Last Story. as for DS, i loved Magical Starsign. non-nintendo gamers just seem to ignore the new IPs.

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MNGamer-N2867d ago

I like Nintendo games. I think they are good, and fun to play. It's pretty simple really. Not saying the TLOU is not a good game, it is. But that does not mean Galaxy 1 & 2 suck. They were also masterpieces, just of a different type and style. Arguing about it is silly.