LIVE dashboard update available

The highly anticipated update for your dashboard is finally available. Just make sure that your Xbox 360 is connected to Xbox Live and the download will start after you give your ok. After the update is downloaded your Xbox 360 will reboot automatically and you're done.

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DC RID3R4465d ago

make sure your connected to live, and load a game!


Antan4465d ago

HEHE!!! all updated!!! lets hope for some native 1080p games in the future.

vettle14465d ago

it just happened at 6am east coast. it kicked me off first then asked about the update. lets see what we got

vettle14465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

1080p is now in the settings menu and arcade comes up much faster as promised. this is very nice. all of it. new marketplace board too, and a video marketplace under media. thats about all im lookin for.

2tired2day2hate4465d ago

i thought this update was kinda dissapointing actually. at least in comparison to the spring update

DEIx15x84465d ago

The spring update basically just added two features; background downloading and the cam which we had to wait 4 months to use. This one added 1080p and streaming abilities so they are both basically even.

TheMART4465d ago

Being the first next gen console out there with 1080p -hey PS3 will be copying it 17th november ;) - isn't kind of dissapointing I guess although I won't use it and many won't with 720p screens.

But it's nice for the graphic whores I guess.

And the streaming abilities, added with the new dashboard stuff, faster loading arcade stuf etc. The HD-DVD add-on functionality etc etc I think this one is is a big one!

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The story is too old to be commented.