European PS3 owners are up in arms once again

The list of grievances Europe is holding against SCEE seems to be growing by the week. A new thread on the official European PlayStation forums demonstrates the various areas in which SCEE is underachieving in comparison to SCEA. While everyone seems happy with the design of the new PSN Store, which went live recently, European PS3 owners seem annoyed at the weird categorisation system used on the EU version. There's no "demos" section, requiring you to search through each game in turn to see whether it has a demo available or not.

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Fishy Fingers3839d ago

"up in arms"

lol... Ooooh so dramatic.

NO_PUDding3839d ago

Everyone loves some melodrama.

Maybe they should stop being so ungrateful and just be thankful their ISP isn't so crap they can't even get wireless on the computer, and can't share an Ethernet cable, so they have no PSN.



Condoleezza Rice3839d ago

lol they will ALWAYS find something to moan about,leave them be

GutZ313839d ago

Yes, up in arms.

Because everyone knows you want to grab a gun at the first sign of no demos.

NO_PUDding3839d ago

@Condoleeza Rice

You are exactly right. And not that I am ungreatful, but I can't talk, as I am moaning about AOL. It is genuine crap though, half the time my computer won't go on the internet, and i am paying for 8gb wireless but I am getting 3/4 and the wireless they supplied is infamous for not working.

Dpa3839d ago

Us europeans are severley unsettled. I spat out my tea and crumpets this morning when i looked at the PS store. Disgraceful.

LJWooly3839d ago

Bubbles @ Dpa XD

I am also enjoying a nice crumpet and a cup of tea. I don't care if it's stereotypical, it's nice!

Btw, I have AOL, it's premier suckage, I know >:(

deeznuts3839d ago

""up in arms"

lol... Ooooh so dramatic. "

Well, that's the french did put their "arms up" when germany invaded, so it makes sense.

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dale13839d ago

it should be like the us version but it does its job so no complaints here just yet

Vip3r3839d ago

Wasn't this posted a day or so ago and failed approval?

perils3839d ago

holy crap! im up in arms! rabble rabble rabble!........hold on no im not.

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The story is too old to be commented.