Team Fortress 2: Gold Rush and Medic update from GameSpy

Valve came through San Francisco yesterday showing off some new features for Team Fortress 2. Normally, a visit from a developer adding a few wrinkles to a months-old game wouldn't do much to stir attention, but when it's Valve and GameSpy's Multiplayer Game of the Year for 2007, the juices get flowing.

On display was a new game mode that hearkens back to a seminal Team Fortress Classic map, while at the same time building upon the sensibilities of a TF2 favorite. More significant, though, was the first showing of the game's new progression mechanics. In TF2, Valve is making clever use of the achievement system introduced when The Orange Box hit Steam with a system that will surely tempt the progress-starved.

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solar3837d ago

a friend and i did a medic/solder combo in spawn to see how much could be healed in 10 minutes. by his calculations it would take 277 hours of doing that to reach 10 million heal points! 5 million ok...that i can deal with (only 4 more mil for me would be needed ;) but 10 million is way to much imo.