Eurogamer - FIFA 14 review

EG:For a growing number of people, myself included, EA Sports' goal of forcing FIFA into every gap in our lives has already been achieved. When I wake up I set player auctions on my phone. When I get to work I use the web app to check their progress. At lunchtime I play 2v2 with the guys from sales. When I get home I play a few online tournament games. On slow weekends I throw down some micro-transactions and build a new team. When I'm not doing that, I'm watching YouTubers. (I'm a particular fan of Itani's Five Pack Challenge.)

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pompombrum2825d ago

I think the review is spot on.. could lower the score to a 7 if you wanted to be harsh but everything said is right on the money.

Gster2825d ago

Those celebrations gave me a good chuckle :D