How to Get the Most Out of Your PS3

Just when you think Sony has shown its hand, it pulls out another wild card. Criticized at first for trying to cram too many features into the box and raising the price tag, Sony has continued to deliver even more features while cutting the cost. While not every model of the PS3 has the full suite of features (memory card readers, WiFi), there are still more than enough new features to help you get the most out of your expensive PS3 purchase.

And what Sony doesn't provide, crafty users are there to supplement. Here are a few of the things GameDaily think will help you get started being a PS3 connoisseur.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW3889d ago

Play MGS4? LoL.

Seriously though, the PS3 has so many features, it`s NOT possible to use them all. Congrats, the PS3 is a serious accomplishment in the world of gaming.

pwnmaster30003889d ago

now thats why ps3 is better silly xbots, you have a broken gaming system while we have a reliable gaming machine, movie player and many features to make a nxt gen console.
we dont only play games, we watch hi-def blue-ray movies, while xbots just play or wait for ur 360 to come back from the repair shop

Pain3888d ago

Can A xbot like any of them hear say the watched Aliens vs Predator Requiem on Blu-ray in HD 1080p lastnight??

No?? xbox at M$ repair center awww poor kids...

how about streaming music+ Dvix to your PSP....No?....

..hmm mabey u bought the M$ BrainWashing to bad there is hope its called PlayStation 3 its wonderis
Ask Ken or kaz they FREAKING ASWOME!!! they will open your blinded by RROD eyes.


ToastyMcNibbles3889d ago

its truly an awesome personally i cannot see myself buying another console because it would feel like a downgrade to me...but thats just how i feel about it

Drekken3889d ago

Agreed... I love my PS3. Anyone that comes over and sees what it is capable of doing wants one

brothersimon3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

Best way is to sell it for 360. THATS the most out of PS3 :)

Just think, you'll sell it for like $500 or w/e and buy a 360 youll have like $300 to buy games or buy a life w/e

Drekken3889d ago

Doesnt your mom get mad that you use all of her towels to keep your superior machine running?

Vito_corleone3889d ago

Everybody who think Brother simon got a boner when he wrote his fanboy crap press agree.

brothersimon3889d ago


Dunno what game to play.. so many :/

Drekken3889d ago

halo or cod, halo or cod... its sooo tough

brothersimon3889d ago

Ahh I wouldnt look at PS3's, you'll end up crying in shame.

Drekken3889d ago

It is funny, I have about 5 games for ps3 and I keep very entertained.

and WOW.... You own A L O T of games!!!! You sure love MS!

ps... buy some more bubbles... look forward to hearing back from you!

Vito_corleone3889d ago

Yeah the "no games" argument, how very original of u. So proud of my boy =)

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akaFullMetal3889d ago

I thought wifi was on every ps3 model???

GutZ313889d ago

20GB models from back in the day didn't come with wifi.

akaFullMetal3889d ago

thats right, thanks, didnt even think about the 20 gig at all, ahahha how many of you guys have the 20 anyways???

GutZ313889d ago

Don't look at me. I'm using a 60GB model, but upgraded the hard drive to 250GB's after a nice deal came up on newegg for $160.

rucky3888d ago

Upgraded it to 250gb though. Didn't see the point of getting wifi on it for $100 more since my PS3's right next to my router. It's not like i'm gonna be taking it with me or anything like that.

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