Grand Theft Auto 5 – R18+ Games “Exposing children to graphic violence”

Following Grand Theft Auto 5's release in Australia under an R18+ rating, Attorney-General John Rau wants to reform the classification system again, claiming that the current model exposes "children to graphic violence". Such a decision would be an inherently bad idea.

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Wizziokid2829d ago

It only exposes "children to graphic violence" if parents buy the children the game in the first place.

Give it a rest, the only time when I see an issue is when say an 11 year old walking into a game store by them self and buys a game like GTA V.

aconnellan2829d ago

Exactly, there are plenty of barriers in place that prevent children from actually getting to the counter with games like GTA V - it's the same with movies, yet suddenly it's a big issue because an R18 game came out