ZTGD | Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness (PS3) Review

Jae Lee writes: I still remember seeing Disgaea in action for the very first time. It was a trailer with a song called “Invasion From Within” by Tsunami Bomb, and the video clip that accompanied it was some of the most off the wall, ridiculous thing I’d ever seen.

I was sold at that point and picked up the game on release date. What I got was a challenging game with a great sense of humor that possessed an incredibly deep SRPG system. Ever since then, I’ve played and finished every main Disgaea game they’ve put out without any regrets.

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fsfsxii3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

It came out already ??

DMLFury3039d ago

October 8th for North America. We just got our review out a little early for you guys.