Grand Theft Auto V Vehicle Modifications Guide

Guide4GameS: GTA V features many things to do, which may avoid bore you. And vehicle modifications are one of the main features of this game. By entering to a mod shop to eliminate your Wanted Level, just purchase a paint job and that’s it. You can also apply the vehicle modifications to make vehicle appearance and performance better.

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BiggCMan2829d ago

Can someone please tell me if there is any way to save cars without returning them to a garage? I'm not having this glitch that others are having, but what i'm asking is if there is any system like in Saints Row where you can save all of your cars to a garage list, and they will always be there even if you ditch them and destroy them.

I've always had this problem in GTA games where you lost your cars forever if you don't return them to a garage, it's just stupid and takes away the fun of paying large amounts of money for modding.

LackTrue4K2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

If you go to a police station, you can reclaim lost cars.
And right next to it are 2 garage doors, in there you can store 2 more cars "hope it helps"

BiggCMan2828d ago

I do know that the police station has an impound lot where you can receive the last car you drove for a fee. But it's still not the greatest thing, as say I drive my modded car to a mission, and that missions requires me to use another car. Then what? My car is then lost forever right? I'm just trying to understand the car storage system, it's annoying and confusing on how to keep your cars safe.