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I started Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 feeling immensely excited, yet a little weary about how it would eventually turn out to be. I played an early build demo at E3, and sure, the game looked different, played different and felt ENTIRELY different. Myself, being a long-time PES player (since 2003), felt PES 2014 was a new franchise altogether.

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KingPin2828d ago

im actually thinking of giving this a try.
last PES i played was PES4 on the original xbox.
good times. since then its been FIFA buteven thats growing old. thought id come back to this series to see any improvements they made.

still looking for the pc demo. anyone got links?

3-4-52828d ago

TRied out PES 10 a few months back. I will be buying PES 2014 this year instead of Fifa.

I've owned pretty much every fifa game, it's one of my favorite series, but PES is just a step up in terms of control and realism and how the game plays out.

They also have a great create a team feature where you can create your kits and logos and pretty much your own entire league.

That alone is worth it for me.