PS4 Remote Play won't support live streaming

If you fancied live streaming your gameplay from your PS4 during Remote Play, unfortunately you won't be able to.

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DA_SHREDDER3046d ago

during the tgs conference I also heard them say no video chat

thrust3046d ago

I hope there is voice chat tho! The vitas was a bit messed up so i hope it does pass though or somethin.

JKelloggs3046d ago

I heard you can do voice chat through remote-play

Deathdeliverer3046d ago

I have had no issues with my vita voice chat and I I've been using it since launch.

Matt6663045d ago

I hope so to, also is the voice chat going to be cross game voice chat and will there be a private chat mode which will be cross game mode?

Neixus3046d ago

To be fair, handhelds are meant to play games on the fly, not stream on the fly.
It's also obvious that you cannot stream while streaming games, that would require a really good wireless network.

tubers3045d ago

Decades from now, hopefully.

XisThatKid3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

Eh, That's ok i guess. Can't have everything now. I doubt I'd want to do that anyway I want my Eye for PIP wouldn't be able to do that properly with Vita cam.

Please just make sure Remote Play works as needed without the problems we fear of or experienced, Thanks.

neocores3046d ago

Wait troll ps3 had video and voice chat nice try troll

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Gazondaily3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

That's a shame but to be honest, I didn't even think of doing that. I'm sure it requires a lot of muscle to act as a DVR or to live-stream.

creatchee3046d ago

Yeah, I mean if you want all of the features of your PS4, just use your PS4!

pwnsause_returns3046d ago

It makes sense. It's using the dedicated arm processor to encode video and streaming it to the vita

strickers3046d ago

Did anyone expect to? They don't have magic secret sauce ;-).

SoulSercher6203046d ago

Not really a shocker there. If it's being streamed to the Vita then it's tough to pull off something like this.

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The story is too old to be commented.