FIFA 14 for VITA/3DS is the same game with updated kits for $40

GearNuke: FIFA 14 is going to release this week for both 3DS and VITA. The question on everyone’s mind might be if they have added something new this time or just updated kits.

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nevin12066d ago

So its a repackage FIFA 12?

DarkLordMalik2066d ago

FIFA Football that launched with VITA to be exact.

Vitalogy2065d ago

Exactly! Unfortunately you nailed it, a change on the art cover, adding a few more teams, update existing ones and voilá, ready to milk.

If only people voted with their wallet, like I will, and didn't bought it...

2pacalypsenow2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

I dont care the only thing i care about its the new south american teams if it has them ill be getting it on PS3/vita and Ps4

radecGaming2066d ago

i already know back from 2012 thanks!

barb_wire2066d ago

Nothing new here, EA did the same thing with the Wii version last year which was just a reskinned 'FIFA 12'

blackstrr4112066d ago

I hope EASports get a makeover next gen. They're too greedy. The fifa14 demo on consoles had minor tweaks from fifa 13.

H4all2066d ago


i think i will stay at fifa 13 (¬_¬)

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