Microsoft Gift Cards to launch in £10, £15, £25 & £50 values

Microsoft Gift Cards will roll out in £10, £15, £25 and £50 values, according to listings by Amazon UK.

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shaun mcwayne2824d ago

But do they still want your CC details to enter a pre payment card. I used pre paid cards so i didnt need to use card details, I thought that was one of the main reasons for using gift cards. Anyone know if this is the case?

nukeitall2824d ago

Obviously if you received a gift card, you should be able to use the gift card without a credit card.

That is one of the benefits of such a card. Imagine giving a giftcard to a youngster and expecting them to have a credit card!?

nevin12824d ago

I wish Sony had this.

$10(seems its only at best buy) $20 and $50 is the only options.

Mikefizzled2824d ago

In before someone complains they are copying Sony