Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Tied Down

Downloadable version of the game only lets you play with YOUR PSN ID & logged in.'s SectionZ writes:

"Well I cannot really say I am surprised by this. And the security on the downloadable version of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is a vast improvement on Warhawk's, which does not let you even play on your second PS3 within 24 hours of playing it on the first. However, I am kind of saddened for my broke ass siblings with whom I share my PSN downloads with, since GT5P only lets you play logged into the account that you bought it with."

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-EvoAnubis-4741d ago

Warhawk was the same way. And, here's a spoiler for you: SOCOM: Confrontation will be the same way. Any game available on PSN + Retail will be like this. How is that a shock? Hell, it even says it in the product description for the download at the PlayStation Store.

Jamaicangmr4741d ago

Ok thats it disc version for my money. Am not about to go through the same crap that i do with Warhawk.

DFresh4741d ago

I'm still waiting for the PSN Version to be released for download.