Play as Mr White from Breaking Bad, the most evil villain ever

MWEB GameZone writer, Han Cilliers, takes a look at Breaking Bad, the video game adaptation. Gamers play as Walter White, who has been branded more evil than any villain from Westeros

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-Foxtrot2824d ago

I know people think differently but given the current situations Walter has been in...I don't really think he's "evil". A bad man sure but evil...I don't think so

That thing with Brock was probably the furtherest he went but he didn't really have a choice. He went through all his options and even Jesse wasn't on his side despite him probably getting killed in the future from Gus. Walter wanted to protect his family, and he went to great lengths to do it.

HanCilliers2824d ago

Very good perspective. Although Walter pushed that border between things he did for his ego and protecting his family way too far

sobotz2824d ago

He's like the Lelouch in the Code Geass anime. Ambitious and will do anything for the sake of his objective. He's not evil like Joffrey in Got though

schmoe2824d ago

lol, pretty cool. The character in the series really makes you look at how you box or label people or actions as good or evil. Sometimes, when backed into a corner, good people do bad things and visa versa. But I digress from the topic... I wouldn't be surprised if he made an appearance as an Easter egg or something in GTA V

HanCilliers2824d ago

I think when you murder for greed it's kinda okay to be labelled as evil :P