Attack on Titan 3DS First Commercial

Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind for the 3DS has finally got it's first Commercial!

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Nitrowolf22825d ago

looks bad graphically, but gameplay looks like it'll be good I think.

Hopefully this comes to NA, though I doubt it

bsjkupo2825d ago

I THINK it will. The anime is stupidly popular in the west and the developers know this.

We can dream right?

Xsilver2825d ago

i wanted a attack on titan game so bad but for 3ds -_- ill pass.

Shadonic2824d ago

graphically its still meh but it is just for fun plus it has multiplayer so here you go

if you want to play MP just pm me

overrated442825d ago

I've said this before, if they made a full fledged Attack on Titan game I want the 3D gear to be like web slinging in Spider-Man 2 and I want Titan fights to be like battles in Shadow of the Colossus. It would be awesome.

jolteon2582825d ago

They should make one for vita and that you can use the 3d gear with the rear touchpad

MilkMan2825d ago

Looks good, im interested. If it gets good reviews (for gameplay) im in to buy.

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