Drive Club – A Guided Tour At Sony’s TGS Booth (Hands-on) PSLS

"At the Tokyo Game Show, I was given a one-on-one guided tour of the PS4 launch title Drive Club, by Evolution Studios." -PSLS

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dbjj120883039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

Hey, it's free. I'll at least try it.

Edit: with PS+

ftwrthtx3039d ago

This is definitely a game I'll play.

Sevir3039d ago

The Asynchronous multiplayer is cool, but I'd like to see live multiplayer, where you aren't racing against ghost cars of people who has already raced...

KUV19773039d ago

They said via Twitter that their next gameplay would feature real multiplayer. Not sure when to expect it though.

GinkgoID3039d ago

That was a terrible article. All Mr Hindman seemed intend on presenting was his own self-satisfaction at applying sarcasm, and mocking the guide. Pity has wasn't focused on informing anyone about the game. Wasted opportunity.

Hicken3039d ago

PSLS is pretty well-known for trolling. They even troll Sony, despite being a Sony-centric site.

The best part of their site is when they detail the sales on Plus each week.

knifefight3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

I guess you see what you want to see.

1st paragraph = an intro.
2nd paragraph = information about the asynchronized racing and telling that a photo was taken, and telling that the opponent would be someone else from TGS.
3rd paragraph = A question and an answer.
4th paragraph = Relaying what points the guide was particularly excited to talk about.
Quote box = Friendly joking among adults.
5th paragraph = description of gaining points for challenges.
6th paragraph = More description of gaining points for challenges, detailing the demo play experience.
7th paragraph = Detailing the information displayed on the screen.
8th paragraph = Confirmation of online and offline play. A joke directed at the former Xbox One "always online" policy in the middle.
9th paragraph = Description of share features.
10th paragraph = More details about the Fame Points and what they're used for.
11th paragraph = The Last of Us reference/joke.
12th paragraph = About club play.
13th paragraph = Summary of release info.

Go back and look for yourself. There are like two harmless jokes in there, and they're both pretty obviously in good spirits. If that's your hangup out of 13 paragraphs...well then I just feel bad for you. You gotta lighten up. Enjoy the games.

WeAreLegion3039d ago

Yeah. I don't get his comment. It was very informative and the author didn't seem to be mocking the guide at all.

WeAreLegion3039d ago

I always enjoy a good The Last of Us reference. This asynchronous multi-player was used in Evolution's last game. (Motorstorm:RC)

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