Alone in the dark demo only on Xbox 360?

CVG writes:

We find it incredibly hard to believe Atari will ONLY release an Alone in the Dark demo for Xbox 360 but that, officially, is all the firm's saying at the moment.

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Kojima touches kids5337d ago

I wonder just how many Sony fans are going to call Phil Harrison a backstabbing Judas.

sonarus5337d ago

Why would we blame phil harisson for this. PS version was delayed before he got there. It makes no sense to put the demo of the ps version up when they haven't reached the same stages of development.

Genesis55337d ago (Edited 5337d ago )

PS3 will probably get theirs in the fall closer to release. We have lots to keep us busy till then.

heyheyhey5337d ago


Phil Harrison Mklll5337d ago (Edited 5337d ago )

Its not my Fault!:D I don't own Atari!:) The game is coming out later on PS3 thats why there is no Demo yet. I Love PlayStation and always will;)

p.s See what i said in the 'Open Zone':D

gambare5337d ago (Edited 5337d ago )

not really, the lack of a unified PSN is the guilty, anyway the PS3 users will have exclusive content for AitD

sonarus5337d ago

wtf last nite i had 5 bubbles now i have 4. Pls ppl buble me up

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iMad5337d ago

PS3 users can see youtube gameplay videos and it will be enought to make their purchase decision :) very effective and costs free instead of develop the demo on PS3 :) Atari can calc their money very well :))

heyheyhey5337d ago


but for this particular game, i would like a demo cause i seriously cant decide whether i want it or not

i might just rent it or something if this true

Phil Harrison Mklll5337d ago

It SICKENS me to work with the xFlop 360!:-/

brothersimon5337d ago

lmao u guys are so retarded, with dumb excuses.. gtfo :)

liquidsnake5337d ago

hahah Phil, kickass comment ;)

sak5005336d ago


"very effective and costs free instead of develop the demo on PS3 :) "

Yes since they can expect 10 people to play it so no need to bother making a demo for bdplayer.

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5337d ago
5337d ago
LeonSKennedy4Life5337d ago

If you include:

- MGS4
- GT5:Prologue
- Haze
- Resistance 2
- Killzone 2
- Little Big Planet
- Battlefield: Bad Company
- Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
- Motorstorm 2
- Fallout 3
- Soul Calibur IV
- Socom: Confrontation
- The Agency
- Brutal Legend
- Dead Space
- Eyedentify
- Fracture
- The Last Remnant
- Mirror's Edge
- Prototype
- Wipeout HD
- Silent Hill V
- Resident Evil 5
- White Knight Chronicles
- Tekken 6're right...Gears of War 2 should hold you over.

JasonPC360PS3Wii5337d ago

That was just pure desperation.

Grown Folks Talk5337d ago (Edited 5337d ago )

most of your list is multi-plat anyways. As for about 90% of the rest, you have absolutely no idea if they will be good games or not. Why people continue to rave about unknown entities like they've seen all sorts of gameplay is beyond me. Just because it releases on the PS3 doesn't automatically make it good. Alone in the Dark looks promising by the way.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW5337d ago

Alone in the Dark PS3 might have way more content than the 360 version.

we shall find out.

LaChance5337d ago

lol , you just started a new rumour.

I bet you're the one who started all the Mass EFFECT , Bioshock etc on ps3 rumors too.

Wolf8735337d ago (Edited 5337d ago )

I wish 360 would just die, it's bin a pain in the circuits for PS3, it's really irritating *sigh* Now that's out of the system, well I hope it isn't true. They would want as many people to test it out as they can.

kewlkat0075337d ago


I still think 360 architecture makes things easy for devs....

It's not going away really..

socomnick5337d ago

Dude xbox 360 isnt hurting the ps3 in any way. Its sony that is screwing itself over. they need better dev kits and next time should not include a crappy cell processor.

Wolf8735337d ago (Edited 5337d ago )

It isn't its fault. Buddy, Sony did distribute upgraded dev-kits, in the end its developers choice which console they chose as their lead. But I don't know why they won't divide up their group so one can focus on either consoles, just like COD-4 people: wisest developer imo.

LeonSKennedy4Life5337d ago

Sony has already created dev kits that are easier to work with.

Insomniac has openly offered to help any developer having trouble the the PS3 architecture...and they KNOW it.

Ratchet and Clank looked INCREDIBLE! Who wants to bet that new Resistance 2 trailer was running in-game?

Daewoodrow5337d ago

Wow. I don't remember the last time I got that worked up about an inanimate object.

Probably because I never have.

I'll remedy that by breaking down and crying over the chair in my room. It really bugs me sometimes.

NinjaRyu5337d ago

fanboys like you need to go play on a freeway!

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