Rayman Legends (PS Vita) Review – Portable Platforming Goodness | C.O.G.

Drop what youre doing there’s teensies to be rescued! COG finally gets to share their thoughts on Rayman Legends for the PS Vita.

"Many critics have dug the PS Vita an early grave and called the handheld console a flop. Many believed that it is a machine that just doesn’t have the user base or the games that it was expected to gain. I would beg to differ and Rayman Legends is just one of the games for this console that make great use of the Vita and all its little perks. Rayman Legends is exactly what the Vita was made for. It’s insanely fun and it’s light hearted which is a nice break from the usual games full of murder, death, and kill. In fact it does exactly what a great game should do in my mind; it makes me keep playing long after I’d said I was going to stop. Bedtime was at 10 and it’s now 12 and I’m just shutting down the console."

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