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A sequel to the Japanese only release Dracula X; Rondo of Blood, Symphony of the Night threw out the level by level based gameplay of all the previous entries and created an absolutly massive castle that could be fully explored at will with items and abilities scattered about the castle in the same style as Metroid games but with added RPG elements like levelling, shops, equipment and street fighter style special abilities. This was effectivly where the term MetroidVania came from and has become a genre in itself since.

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Goku7812829d ago

One of gaming's finest moments.

XXXL2829d ago

Would love for Konami to HD remake this one.

FamilyGuy2829d ago

Only if it remained on the 2D plane, upping the sprite to HD res would mean redrawing everything though.

It would still be cool to see, this is my favorite game of all time, bar none.

BG115792829d ago

It would be awesome to see this game remade with the aid of Vanilla Software.

FamilyGuy2829d ago

Definitely, I doubt konami is even considering it though.

tulholdren2829d ago

One of the best another great game I played on Playstation

kewlkat0072829d ago

One of the best soundtracks...damn what happened to gaming?

I wish we had a 2D only gaming system so some of these gems could flourish..

GrandpaSnake2829d ago

that game had so much to offer, way ahead of its time.

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